Who We Are : Sista Ginna, Gospel Hypers Founder - Gospel Hypers - Gospel Music Marketing And Entertainment Hub


Who We Are : Sista Ginna, Gospel Hypers Founder

Who We Are : Sista Ginna, Gospel Hypers Founder

The idea behind Gospel Hypers emerged from founder Georgina Dotsey popularly known as Sista Ginna desire to create a full service entertainment marketing agency that work with Gospel musicians/artists, record labels, faith based organizations on the development and execution of marketing, publicity and branding campaigns that inspire talent, ignite creativity to generating positive results founded on a business model that is exceptionally unique and truly effective.


To provide unique PR services that enable our clients build strong connections and impactful approaches in this self-motivated society. This is the awareness we’ve incorporated into the development Gospel Hypers , Public Relations and Music Marketing agency.


To become the world’s leading Gospel Music Marketing and Public Relation agency by relating closely with our staff and partners in the Media & Publics to ensure our clients’ dreams come true, which also in turn builds a befitting profile for us and profits our stakeholders.


We have years of experience working in the Gospel genre. Christian, gospel, and mainstream music marketing at Gospel Hypers help artists create their path to the Billboard and/or Digital Charting Through countless Christian, gospel, and mainstream music showcases. We understand that your main concern is attracting the right audience for your music, while spreading your message.
We help you do that with a strategic approach as a PR firm. We bring high quality branding and gospel music promotion to build your fan base and spread your message.

 We've developed visibility and reach through radio stations, Online news media outlets, affiliate marketing partners, social media marketing, video adverts, and public relations.  Our history, honesty and reviews earned us a rapport with other industry leaders who work with us to promote a quality song,Event, media, and publishing.
Contact us directly if you have any specific questions., Email: thegospelhypers@gmail.com

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